2925 Columbus Ave, Springfield, OH   45503 ~  Phone: 937-324-4429  ~ Fax: 937-322-1276




OWNER- Mark Shuman    Email:     Ext. 3

Currently Mark is out of the office for an unknown amount of time, we are sorry for

 the inconvenience but you can contact Jake and Michael for your services needed.


Oversize Permits/Operations manager- Debbie Shuman-  Email:    Ext. 4

Load Planner/Manager/Dispatch/Quotes - Jake Shuman  Email:       Ext. 3

Quotes/Load Planner/Disptach: Michael Ray Email:  Ext.2

Safety Advisor/Scheduling   Kelli Shake  Email:   Ext..5

Accounting - Carol Harris   Email:    Ext. 6


Office Phone: 937-324-4429

Fax: 937-322-1276    

Address:  Shuman Specialized Transportation Ltd

2925 Columbus Ave. Springfield, OH  45503